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            • We have 742 registered
            • members from Korea
            • New singles: 1
            • Korean men: 647
            • Korean women: 95

            We reset information about new Korean personals every 24 hours.

            Korean Dating Site - Free Online Dating 盛世彩票官网 in Korea

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            Ricky269 2436983 | Korean male, 68, Married
            Ricky269, 68 y. o. Korea , Gyeonggi-do , Anyang
            I am Cancer, 175 cm (5' 9''), 128 kg (284 lbs)
            Please tell me what is love, Is it a Godsend from above; It gives us a feeling inside, That comes in like the tide. Hitting us with much force, With having no remorse; You have a feeling so grand, Desire to stri..
            YouhaAhn 2433461 | Korean male, 21, Single
            YouhaAhn, 21 y. o. Korea , Kang-won-do , Wonju
            I am Cancer, 178 cm (5' 10''), 69 kg (153 lbs)
            If you are like deep voice you are gonna like it. I am always told I have Deep voice around. I started learning Norwagian so if you have teach how to speak norwagian that would be begin of relationship...
            Monascott 2425421 | Korean female, 39, Single
            Monascott, 39 y. o. Korea , Jejudo , Jeju
            I am Gemini, 179 cm (5' 10''), 73 kg (162 lbs)
            I've been known to be quite the social butterfly, but its only because I like meeting new people! Im looking for a guy who shares my zest for life and is great with animals.
            YBloomy 2425003 | Korean male, 28, Single
            YBloomy, 28 y. o. Korea , Incheon Kwangyokshi , Bupyong/Incheon
            I am Gemini, 170 cm (5' 7''), 72 kg (160 lbs)
            I can be your listerner, friend, and more thing for you.
            Subin10 2413584 | Korean male, 23, Single
            Subin10, 23 y. o. Korea , Kang-won-do , Sokcho
            I am Sagittarius, 158 cm (5' 2''), 58 kg (129 lbs)
            Enjoy your life
            hussain0007 2408239 | Korean male, 31, Single
            hussain0007, 31 y. o. Korea , Taegu-Kwangyokshi , Daegu
            I am Leo, 168 cm (5' 6''), 70 kg (156 lbs)
            love is not joke and love is best fellings
            Goni1224 2387854 | Korean male, 29, Single
            Goni1224, 29 y. o. Korea , Incheon Kwangyokshi , Bupyong/Incheon
            I am Capricorn, 176 cm (5' 9''), 85 kg (189 lbs)
            Living in Bangkok, trip to Vientiane 4 times in year. I love Laos, i would like to live there when i retired on the future. Would be perfect make house near Densavhan with river. :D..
            Vikin16 2385336 | Korean male, 24, Single
            Vikin16, 24 y. o. Korea , Seoul Teugbyeolsi , Seoul
            I am Virgo, 175 cm (5' 9'')
            Fun, explore each other
            Moonhild 2384780 | Korean female, 36, Single
            Moonhild, 36 y. o. Korea , Seoul Teugbyeolsi , Seoul
            I am Libra, 167 cm (5' 6''), 90 kg (200 lbs)
            Hi ^-^ My name is Melanie and I'm original from Germany. I currently live in Atlanta and plan on visiting South Korea on my next vacation. I would love to meet some nice people on here that are maybe interested in langua..
            JayKim77 2384392 | Korean male, 42, Married
            JayKim77, 42 y. o. Korea , Seoul Teugbyeolsi , Seoul
            I am Sagittarius, 178 cm (5' 10''), 74 kg (164 lbs)
            I just want to make relationships during business trip.

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