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            Quick Statistics

            • We have 619 registered
            • members from Venezuela
            • New singles: 0
            • Venezuelan men: 486
            • Venezuelan women: 133

            We reset information about new Venezuelan personals every 24 hours.

            Venezuelan Dating Site - Free Online Dating 盛世彩票官网 in Venezuela

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            Boooooo 2398695 | Venezuelan male, 26, Single
            Boooooo, 26 y. o. Venezuela , Maracaibo
            I am Aries, 183 cm (6' 0''), 65 kg (144 lbs)
            Waffless 2393033 | Venezuelan female, 25, Single
            Waffless, 25 y. o. Venezuela , Caracas
            I am Taurus, 155 cm (5' 1''), 40 kg (89 lbs)
            I'm 25 years old, I'm from Venezuela. I want to get married and start a family. I am willing to travel where I am and meet him, see what happens. Life is short and, I want to start a family. I am shy, 盛世彩票线路导航y, few frie..
            manlug 2386710 | Venezuelan male, 23, Single
            manlug, 23 y. o. Venezuela , Merida
            I am Gemini, 174 cm (5' 8''), 70 kg (156 lbs)
            Young latino looking for a white lovely and smart girl who loves travelling, deep conversations, many laughs, photography, cooking and any cool activity you could imagine! I love books, movies, history, philosophy, and b..
            G0RE 2380311 | Venezuelan male, 27, Single
            G0RE, 27 y. o. Venezuela , Maracaibo
            I am Libra, 168 cm (5' 6''), 68 kg (151 lbs)
            Looking for a nice friendship
            Venezolana 2352171 | Venezuelan female, 55, Divorced
            Venezolana, 55 y. o. Venezuela , Maracaibo
            I am Capricorn, 149 cm (4' 11''), 40 kg (89 lbs)
            I want to find someone to spend all the time with and have my real love for the first and last time.
            Tua21 2347623 | Venezuelan male, 29, Single
            Tua21, 29 y. o. Venezuela , Coro
            I am Taurus, 180 cm (5' 11''), 70 kg (156 lbs)
            I am looking for someone to share about our lives talking and listening each other.
            Carib32 2294735 | Venezuelan male, 34, Single
            Carib32, 34 y. o. Venezuela , Margarita
            I am Capricorn, 167 cm (5' 6''), 70 kg (156 lbs)
            Im just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her if shs going to eat the rest of that pizza. I´m an engineer, the 7th sexiest career a man can have (according to Tinder).. Looking 4 a nice and beautiful girl..
            juanjgq30 2268694 | Venezuelan male, , Single
            juanjgq30, Venezuela , Caracas
            I am Sagittarius, 175 cm (5' 9''), 73 kg (162 lbs)
            looking for a serious relationship stable faithful respectful responsible and committed
            alexxjosse 2253555 | Venezuelan male, 49, Single
            alexxjosse, 49 y. o. Venezuela , Barquisimeto
            I am Aquarius, 170 cm (5' 7''), 56 kg (124 lbs)
            Greetings and thanks to all those who took the time to read my profile. I am a normal person np I have nothing special, lover of the life of music, nature, of a good reading. I like to enjoy the simple things of life, I ..
            petergalaratti 2245146 | Venezuelan male, 42, Single
            petergalaratti, 42 y. o. Venezuela , Merida
            I am Aquarius, 180 cm (5' 11''), 83 kg (184 lbs)
            I am a single man very normal and simple worker. I am a Christian and I believe in the values ​​and principles of God to guide my life, I am not telling lies or deceiving anyone, I would like to know and have..

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