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            Luu31 astrology topics

            Nickname: Luu31
            Birthday: 1991-12-31, Age group: plus 20
            From: Mexico, Quintana Roo, Cancun
            Zodiac Sign by Western Astrology: Capricorn
            Zodiac Sign by Chines Astrology: Goat
            Religion: Christianity
            Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latin
            Marital status: Single
            Other western astrology topics:

            Romantic compatibility with Luu31

            The compatibility question: What does Astrology have to say about you and Luu31. Understand business relationships, friendships, even family ties. Uncover compatibility insight through the Sun Signs of you and your love -- or of that certain someone you've got your eye on. Please type in your birthday and click the button.

            Western horoscope

            Capricorn, the Sign of the Goat, is the tenth Sign of the Western Zodiac, occurring between December 22 and January 19 of the following year. It is the cardinal Earth Sign, and this quality is made manifest in the intensely pragmatic nature of those who are natives of Capricorn.All of the traits associated with this Sign mirror this essential nature: good organizational skills, neatness and tidiness, hardheaded practicality, cautious realism, a strong work ethic, materialistic tendencies, a conservative streak a mile wide, conventionality and great respect for authority. The down side to all of these admirable traits is obvious to the less regimented observer: egotism, the tendency to be a cruel taskmaster, servility when on the bottom rung of the ladder, and excess perfectionism.

            The typical Capricorn female has a small but well-shaped body and deep eyes that exude an enticing glow. You also have shapely legs, slim ankles and small feet. You are very self-conscious and because of this your public persona is very reserved and ladylike -- you are afraid of making the slightest faux pas.You find domesticity to be a tedious trap that seduces you away from your real work, but, when necessary, you can run a tight ship in your 盛世彩票线路导航. You cannot stand being teased, and normal humor fails to entertain you, but when someone does manage to get a smile out of you with some chance observation, it lights up the entire room. You appear to be a very constant and well-grounded person, but inside you can be a bit moody when the weather turns.

            Eastern horoscope

            The Goat is the eighth Sign of the Chinese Zodiac, and is a Yin Sign associated with the Fire Element. Recent Goat years have been 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991 and 2003. Goats are genuinely nice people -- charming, amiable, and sympathetic to the needs of others. They hate to criticize and always look for the best in people, including themselves.A Goat will prefer to forget grievances rather than brood over them and will keep any resentment tightly under control in order maintain peace and prosperity among the group. Goats live in the present, which they attempt to enjoy to the best of their abilities. Thanks to their sensitive natures, Goats are the most creative and expressive of all the Signs in the Chinese Zodiac.

            The female Goat enjoys deliberately flaunting conventions, especially if you perceive any sort of social injustice inherent in them. Your carefree existence makes you extremely gullible at times -- watch out or some sharp character is apt to lead you around by the nose! Hostility is simply not in your nature. Your extra helping of talent will be sure to get you noticed in the long run, no matter what field of endeavor presents itself.You feel a great need to be the center of attention, as you cannot abide the slightest bit of criticism or rejection and require the reaffirmation of self inherent in constant praise to be able to function. Luckily, you have many qualities that will elicit praise from the right people almost as a matter of course.

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